ERA: Frequently Asked Questions

The maximum number of ERA that can possibly be created is 240,000,000 (240 million).

HMQ1725. ERA is mineable with both AMD and Nvidia GPUs and is also ASIC-resistant.

Miners can use AMD/Nvidia GPUs in order to mine ERA. Upon solo solving a block, will be rewarded with 10 ERA. For more information on mining ERA, please join our #mining channel on our Discord server here.

Once your ERA has matured - meaning it has at least 50 confirmations (about 30 minutes) - they will begin to stake. Your ERA wallet must be running while having active connections and in sync, and unlocked while storing matured ERA. ERA uses a static Proof of Stake system, as opposed to most PoS coins that use a dynamic system. While dynamic rewards are based on a percentage of the holdings, this causes those with smaller amounts to wait days or even weeks for a reward. With static rewards, you will be rewarded more often the more ERA you have staking. The staking reward is 10 ERA minus the 0.2 ERA collected for the charity fund, regardless of how many coins are staked.

The latest version of the ERA software wallet can be found here.

Not at this time. The web wallet and paper wallet generator are in the works.

While many exchanges are reliable, we highly recommend all users to store their ERA on our software wallet, with encryption enabled and backups of their wallet.dat and private key stored in several external hard drives. Furthermore, most exchanges do not provide the staking rewards the software wallet does. In the future, we will implement a secure web wallet as well as a paper wallet generator.

The ERA software wallet has a built-in backup feature. Navigate to the drop-down menu, then select “File” and then “Backup Wallet”. When prompted, create a name for the backup wallet.dat and select a safe place to save it to (we recommend an external hard drive/USB flash drive).

Another option is backing up your wallet manually. Is fairly straightforward but the path to do so is dependant on the operating system being used.

Navigate to your Library/Application support/Era folder and locate the "wallet.dat" file, this is your wallet, you can simply copy this to a safe place and you will have backed up your wallet.

Navigate to C:\Users\(yourusername)\AppData\Roaming\Era where you will find your "wallet.dat" file, this is your wallet, you can simply copy this to a safe place and you will have backed up your wallet.

While your wallet is unlocked, navigate to the drop-down menu, then select “Help” and then “Debug window”. Within the debug window that pops up, select the “Console” tab. In the text field below, type dumpprivkey, following with a space and then your ERA wallet address (i.e. dumpprivkey E0123456789ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVW). The terminal will then display the private key associated with the public key specified; keep it in a safe place and do NOT show this to anyone else, otherwise they will have access to your coins!

The stake process acts like a lottery; out of every wallet currently staking, only one will be used to validate the next block. The wallet(s) not chosen will display a "Generated but not accepted" message; simply continue staking, and eventually your wallet will win a stake.

In its current state, the charity fund entirely consists of 2% collected from every staking reward. It will be collectively utilized by the community to crowdfund projects and charitable organizations, amongst many others. This will be an integral aspect for our first major project on the roadmap, Full Circle.

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