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First and foremost, thank you all for being faithful members of this community. As most early members have known, the BLAS project was abandoned by its founding developers a year ago. The project floated around for a while until three core members of this community revived the coin from dead, just 7 months ago. They each are very successful in their respective careers with their own tech companies. However, they saw the potential of BLAS. They did not need to pursue building a community out of this, but used this as an opportunity to become revolutionary visionaries in the crypto space.

Fast forward to the past two months. We have released a functioning hybrid PoW/PoS 3.0 wallet that helped investors foster high yield (200%). We have grew the coin’s value to over 10x at one point. Our team grew from 3 core members to 11 members; From 2 developers to 5 developers and from 1 strategic officer to 6 officers. The telegram community grew from 200 people to more than 700 people. The same type of growth was experienced in our Discord channel. We have seen a massive increase in participation (over 300% increase engagement) from community members in marketing, exchange-onramp, use-case, and other efforts. These are great accomplishments to us and we have ambitions to grow even further. As you all know, we’re undergoing a rebrand right now. There is a lot of work going into rebrand, including: use cases, roadmap, new website, marketing strategy, chain migration, coin swap, exchange notification, new web/software wallet, new mobile apps, partnerships, and the list goes on. We are proud to say, we’re almost done! 

ERA ushers you into a new era in the decentralized cryptocurrency arena: a paradigm shift with complete focus on the community.

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