ERA Network

ERA leverages its pool of passionate and driven community members to accelerate the adoption towards crypto-assets. We plan to make this journey fun and rewarding.
Highly Rewarding
High ROI with intent of giving back to the community and masses.
We bring the best out of people while rewarding them for it.
Guided by Crypto Experts
Industry experts who have been in the crypto scene since 2014 are helping grow ERA.

ERA Network / Node Specifications

The specificatons for the ERA blockchain have been designed from the ground up with specific features that will not only ensure wide-spread adoption, but also provide users with optimum Return on Investment. Wider user adoption is enabled by making the underlying algorithm ASIC-resistant (thus enabling GPU and CPU ample mining opportunities), while providing a hybrid system of consensus designed to appeal to both hard-core miners and stakers. More features:

Max supply 240,000,000 ERA Estimated year 2030
Type Hybrid: PoW (25%), PoS (75%)
Algorithm hmq1725 ASIC-Resistant (Nvidia & AMD GPU-Mining)
Proof of Work (PoW)
Difficulty Retargeting Every Block
Block Time 45 seconds
Block Reward 10 ERA
Proof of Stake (PoS)
Maturity 50 blocks
Minimum Age 30 minutes
Maximum Age N/A
Block Reward 10 ERA
Charity Reward 0.2 ERA
Net Staking Reward 9.8 ERA
Regular ROI 98%
Charity ROI 2% of all PoS rewards

ERA Wallet

Our wallet is made to be highly available and platform-agnostic. Software desktop wallets in MacOS, Windows, and Linux are available. Web wallet is available as well. We are currently developing mobile wallets available for iOS and Android. Keep in mind, staking will be available on Web and Mobile wallets in the near future.

Coming native iOS/Android/Windows/MacOS wallets with feature like in localbitcoins service (direct trade fiat - ERA coins). Release dates will be announced soon.

iOS wallet
Android wallet

Disclaimer. We do not store your private keys on servers or elsewhere. Please keep your private keys saved, hidden, and only available to you.

Roadmap 2018

The spirit of ERA is one of an ever-evolving adventure, a process of continuously addding value to a powerful cryptocurrency. Accordingly, the ERA roadmap for 2018 is dynamic, and the development team as well as the entire ERA community are constantly working hard to check-off the items on the roadmap.

The list is not exhaustive - remember, ERA is all about dynamism, constant change and improvement. The entire community - including the development team - will continue as always to work to add more value to this cryptocurrency, as the year goes on. Check this, as a brief summary of what you can expect to see on the ERA journey in 2018.

Q1 2018
Q2 2018
Q3 2018
Q4 2018
ERA Website Launch
ERA Wallets Released
Project Full Circle announced
Official Whitepaper release
Full Circle Beta Test
Full Circle Pre-Launch Promotion
Open beta launched to public
Full Circle Public Marketing Campaign
Full Circle Public sector councils formation
Business/Charity/Crypto Partnerships
Further Research and Development
New Development on DEX
dApps API Integration

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